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Icecoat story

ICECOAT® is designed and manufactured in the Arctic, offering your beloved pet the best Finnish quality. We do so understanding our responsibility to the planet. The icecoat of the Earth must be protected.

That's why ICECOAT® does not only aim at maximum sustainability with it's enduring, handcrafted top quality products. We go further: our pet beds are CO2 negative. It means every single ICECOAT® bed decreases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Your experience is our story – to comfort both your pet and the Earth.

Carefully selected materials, sustainable manufacturing and environmentally friendly logistics are in our dna. Our team has years of experience delivering high quality products and services to international clients. Our business is to improve the health of your dog and to give your beloved pet more of the good years.

With great determination, we have created a durable, high quality product that altogether provides a negative carbon footprint. To ensure maximum sustainability, every ICECOAT® we deliver is inspected. Our proud responsibility is to always secure the best quality for you.

Long-lasting, high-quality pet products are a major part of a more sustainable future. A future with a healthier icecoat for the Earth. You will also receive health technology as part of ICECOAT®, which brings your pet's well-being closer to you.

We have been granted the Design from Finland Mark as a sign of Finnish Design.

Icecoat Design Finland

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Olli Uuksulainen

Olli Uuksulainen